Sheffield Hallam University Squash and Tennis Courts

Project Overview

The first installation took place in 2012 with the construction of the club’s newest court. The eight existing squash courts were all heated with large radiant heaters which gave an uneven heat and, as all squash players know, temperature has a significant effect on the performance of the ball. This arrangement was also uncomfortable for the players who found themselves being roasted under the heaters at the back of the courts.

For advice, he spoke to other clubs that had installed ‘wet’ underfloor heating systems. “They said it was good although it took a while for the heat to come through,” says Matt Whitaker. An internet search led Matt to Gaia and the benefits of electric underfloor heating which reacts quickly to deliver heat where it’s needed. The decision was then made to install the DEVIheat system in the new court.

Furthermore, the Gaia system was very cost-effective and represented only a small percentage of the overall total £100,000 build cost. So successful was this installation that, in 2013, the Hallamshire retrofitted the same DEVIheat system to two further courts and now, having secured funding from Sport England, the Hallamshire is embarking on a project to retrofit the system to the six remaining courts.


Electric Underfloor Heating System

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