Electric Underfloor Heating

Electric Heating Cable onto Timber Subfloor

When floors in flats, houses or basements are renovated, floor heating can be added without breaking up the old floor. The comfort is provided by either a Gaia or DEVIflex™ cable system which is embedded on top of the old floor or subfloor. With low build-up height, Gaia Cable and DEVIflex systems provide a quick responding floor warming solution under any top flooring.

The freedom in design and choice of flooring makes it applicable in almost any application, domestic and commercial:

  • Flats, Apartments
  • Conservatories, Kitchens, Bathrooms
  • New Build Extensions
  • Schools and Offices

The system can in some cases cover the required heating load, removing the need for other heating systems taking up valuable wall space, whilst maximising the available room area.

Our underfloor heating mats have an ultra-strong dual adhesion system; it’s the stickiest mat available! So once laid, it will stay where it’s put. It also has a ‘single cold tail’ which means there is no second tail to return to the thermostat. These features combine to ensure your installation time is kept to a minimum.

Electric Underfloor Heating Systems

Electric Mat onto a Concrete Subfloor

Electric Mat onto a Timber Subfloor

Gaia Decoupling Membrane System onto Concrete Subfloor

Gaia Decoupling Membrane System onto Timber Subfloor

Electric Heating Cable onto Concrete Subfloor

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