Frost Protection

Frost protection keeps areas, buildings and pipes safe from frost damage in cold weather

Our frost protection and snow melting systems are used throughout the world, protecting to temperatures of -30°C.

We supply frost protection systems for pipes which are designed to prevent damage from ice as well as maintain the desired temperature within the hot water or fluid pipes.

With our ice and snow melting systems, roof, gutters, roads and pathways can be protected from harsh weather.

They protect from damage caused by frost, ice and snow and preventing the formation of icicles, as well as melt the snow or ice to create safe walking and driving areas.

Our frost protection systems are also used for vineyards to protect crops from the cold weather. Our heated cable system maintains warmth and prevents the formation of frost.

From providing safe walkways and frost-free driveways through to protecting roofs, pipes and vineyards from frost damage – we have the solution for your project.

See below for more details on each of our frost protection systems. If you’re unsure which system is most suitable for your project, our team are on hand to advise.

Frost Protection

Frost Protection


Frost Protection


Ice & Snow Melting System

Roofs & Gutters

Ice & Snow Melting System

Roads & Pathways

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