Frost Protection

Ice and Snow melting systems for roads and pathways

When heating cables are installed to melt the snow or slippery ice from ground areas, safety and cost savings go hand in hand. This system can be used at home on pavements, driveways and walkways or in commercial car parks, ramps, steps and areas of drainage. It is even possible to melt snow and ice from mastic asphalt surfaces by using our DEVIflex DTIK heating cables.

Advantages of Our Product

  • Safe driving areas
  • Safe working areas
  • Safe walking areas
  • Safety all around the clock – automatically
  • Saves time and energy in clearing snow and ice
  • Protects the environment from salt and chemicals
  • Protects concrete from the damaging effect of salt

Intelligent systems made to last

DEVI ice and snow melting system automatically registers the need for melting areas and then automatically switches the heat on and off when required. The area is therefore kept free from ice and snow avoiding heavy salt sprinkling, snow shovelling or damage caused by frost.

Efficient heat control ensures a good overall economy

DEVIreg™ thermostats and sensors ensure that the absolute minimum amount of energy is used to achieve optimum results.Installation and running costs of DEVI ice and snow melting system are low when considering the advantages of the system, for instance preventing the efforts of snow shovelling and salting.

Applicable for most surfaces

The DEVI system is applicable for the most typical surfaces such as asphalt, concrete and tiles. The most typical DEVI ice and snow melting applications on ground are car parks, driveways, pavements, outdoor steps, loading platforms and bridges.  We supplied and installed a frost protection system on a driveway to a property in London, read the case study here.

Product choice

We recommend a DEVIflex DTCE20/30 heating cable controlled by a DEVIreg 850 or 316 thermostat – depending on the size of installation. The effect installed should be determined according to the local weather conditions.

Frost Protection

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Frost Protection for Pipes

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