Frost Protection

Frost Protection for Pipes

There are two main purposes for using DEVI’s frost protection pipe heating systems:

  • Protection of pipes from becoming frozen or being damaged by ice
  • Maintenance of the required temperature in pipes

Frost protection systems are installed where there is need to prevent water and sanitary pipes from becoming frozen or being damaged by ice.

Temperature maintenance systems are installed to ensure that hot water or fluid pipes maintain the required temperature. For example, keeping high viscosity fluids running in spite of cold surroundings.

Inside or outside the pipes

DEVI trace heating systems can be installed inside or outside pipes, for indoor and outdoor pipe networks as well as for pipes above and below the ground.
Systems consist of DEVIflex heating cables, DEVIreg thermostats and installation accessories. DEVIreg thermostats with sensors ensure that the absolute minimum amount of energy is used to achieve the optimal result.

Product choice

Depending on the tube/pipe we recommend DEVIflex electrical heating cables type DEVIflex 10T or DTCE 20/30 controlled by an electronic DEVIreg 330 or 850 thermostat which ensures that heat is only switched on when needed.

Frost Protection

Vineyard Frost Protection

Ice & Snow Melting Systems for Roofs & Gutters

Ice & Snow Melting Systems for Roads & Pathways

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