Redcliffe Place, Tunbridge Wells

Project Overview

The client required the lower floors to be screeded, therefore we provided a pipe in screed system which can be concealed within the screed depth and most commonly used in new builds.  For the upper floors they required a lower profile system, we provided a grooved insulation system which encases the pipe within the panels.  By choosing this system it reduces the installation time as the insulation can be boarded strait over to provide a finished subfloor, with no curing time.


  • Quick installation
  • Low installation rate
  • Pipe spacing can be varied where required
  • Screed cover acts as thermal mass
  • 70/Wm² at 50/40°C flow temperatures at 200mm pipe spacing.  A room design temperature of 21°C and a floor resistance of no more than 0.1m²K/W.

Grooved Overlay

  • No screed, removing cost and drying time
  • Timber flooring can be installed directly on top
  • Faster heat up time
  • Can also be used in between joists
  • 47W/m² at 50/40°C flow temperatures at 200mm pipe spacing.  A room design temperature of 21°C and a floor thermal resistance of no more than 0.1m²K/W

We offer floor build-up, heat loss calculation, technical drawings, manifold & control placement, project valuation, experienced install team, handover & commissioning and everything in between. We’re here to advise, guide and deliver your project.  You can be confident in our service, products, warranties and insurances.


Project Size



LTHW into screed on lower levels and overlay on upper levels

Date of Installation & Commissioning

September 2021


“We delivered the project on time for our client who we have developed a good working relationship with over the many years we have worked together, and our operations team installed the system ahead of schedule ensuring our clients project progressed as planned.”

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