58 Floors High – Newfoundland London

Project Overview

Warmed by us with DEVI electric underfloor heating, managed by our Projects team and installed by our Operations team.

  • The energy efficient and environmentally friendly electric floor heating has many benefits
  • Comfort Heating
  • Flexible solution for new build and renovation
  • Quick responding and easy to control
  • Easy design and quick installation
  • Low investment lasting years

With low build-up height, Gaiamat and DEVImat systems provide a quick responding floor warming solution under any top flooring. The freedom in design and choice of flooring makes it applicable in almost any application, domestic and commercial.  The system can in some cases cover the required heating load, removing the need for other heating systems taking up valuable wall space, whilst maximising the available room area. Both mat systems are available in 100W or 150W and the mat sizes range from 0.5m² to 12m².


Project Size



System output: 75 – 450 W/m²

Installed power: 60kW

Product: DEVImat 150 W/m² (DTIR)

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