Vineyard Frost Protection System

Don’t be caught out by the late frosts each year. Keep your vines frost free and prevent damage to crops with a heated cable system.

A recent article written in the Drinks Retailing News highlights the damage and destruction a frost can cause to vineyards and wineries across the UK. Read the full article here.

Frosts can wreak havoc on tender buds when they are at their most vulnerable. In order to protect your crop, it is important to find a solution which can give you complete peace of mind that your crop is safe – “it’s not fun, growing a crop worth up to £100,000 and one night of neglect could destroy it”. With several alternatives available, it is important to choose a long-lasting and cost-effective option.

With over 30 years experience we have a solution which can protect your crop and it comes with a 20 year manufacturing warranty, for complete peace of mind. Our heated cable system effortlessly maintains warmth, and prevents frost from causing havoc – all without the need to spend thousands on oil burners and additional labour costs. Outlined is our solution in full, along with the results we’ve seen from other vineyards who have used our heating cable solution.

Including case studies from two UK vineyards, further information can be found in our download Vineyard Frost Protection System


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