Protect from the elements with a frost protection systems

From dangerous roads and slippery pathways to hazardous icicles and damaged crops – the harsh winter weather can cause significant problems for businesses and homeowners alike.

And, as weather is becoming more unpredictable – like the snowfall seen in the UK this March – protecting from frost, snow and ice is becoming more important than ever.

Here at Gaia, we provide a wide range of frost protection and ice and snow melting systems for pipes, buildings, roads, pathways and vineyards. From creating safe walking areas to protecting crops from frost damage, our systems help to combat challenges associated with wintry weather.

As industry experts with over 30 years’ experience in the design, supply and installation of frost protection systems, we’ve taken a look at frost protection, its uses and benefits.

What is frost protection?

Frost protection systems involve electric heating cables or mats which are installed beneath or within a building, object or the ground to keep it free from snow, ice and frost.

The systems have electric controls for monitoring and managing the temperature. Some systems feature temperature and humidity sensors which detect low temperature and high humidity and then automatically instruct the system to warm the area.

These sensors also boost the energy efficiency of the frost protection system as they ensure only the minimum amount of energy is used for the best results.

Uses of frost protection

Here at Gaia, our frost protection systems can protect areas and objects from temperatures down to -30°C.

There are a variety of different uses for frost protection. These include:


Frozen pipes are not only an annoyance – they can cause significant and costly damage too. If left exposed to the elements, they can crack or burst, causing leaks and even flooding.

Plus, frost, snow and ice can affect the temperature of the liquid inside the pipes, potentially causing issues further down the line.

Installing a frost protection system is an efficient solution to frozen pipes. As well as protecting water and sanitary pipes from frost, snow and ice damage, it ensures the liquid flowing through the pipes remains at the required temperature.

There are a variety of options for frost protection systems for pipes – and a number of ways they can be installed.

Depending on the requirements of the project, a frost protection system can be positioned inside or outside the pipes, on an indoor or outdoor pipe network, or above or below the ground.

Roofs and gutters

For some properties – particularly older ones and those with flat roofs – a heavy load of ice and snow can cause significant destruction to facades, roofs, drainpipes and gutters.

Also, the water left from melted snow and ice can enter poorly insulated or constructed buildings, causing considerable water damage.

However, heated frost protection and ice and snow melting systems can keep these areas free from frost and snow, drain melted water, reduce the risk of icicles – and avoid costly repairs.

Most systems are suitable for almost any roof construction, whether that’s private homes or commercial buildings. Heating cables can be installed on a roof edge, in drain pipes, roof gutters and valleys, complete with a thermostat for control.

Also, these systems are suitable for use with a range of materials, including metal, bitumen, gravelled or tile roofs.

Roads and pathways

Hazardous roads and slippery walkways are some of the most inconvenient – and dangerous – consequences of winter weather.

Frost protection and ice and snow melting systems make roads and walkways much safer, saving time spent clearing snow and ice and protecting the environment from ice-melting chemicals or excessive salt.

Ice and snow melting systems can be installed in a variety of areas, including driveways and walkways at private residential properties or commercial car parks, ramps, steps and areas of drainage.

Plus, they work well with most common surface covering materials, including asphalt, concrete and tiles.

Here at Gaia, we supply DEVI snow and ice melting systems which detect when an area needs melting, automatically switching the system on and off so it uses only the minimal amount of energy needed for ideal results.

This not only provides effective snow and ice melting for safe driving and walking, it also delivers energy and cost savings too.


Damaged or dead crops can cause substantial financial losses. So, finding a solution to protect vineyards from frost damage – especially unexpected later frosts in early spring – is vital.

Frost protection systems prevent vineyards from succumbing to the effects of severe winter weather. Heating cables can be wrapped around the fruiting cane so the heat is conducted into the buds through the sap.

This enables heat to be distributed to new growth, protecting it from potentially fatal cold temperatures.

Most systems are simple to install and are controlled by a thermostat, ensuring heat is only distributed when required and optimal temperature is maintained throughout.

Here at Gaia, our frost protection systems have already helped protect many vineyards in the UK, saving significant amounts of their crops from frost damage.

Frost protection systems from Gaia

Here at Gaia, we provide frost protection systems for pipes, roofs, gutters, pathways, driveways and vineyards.

With over 30 years’ experience in the industry, our expert team are on hand to advise on the design, supply and installation of the most suitable system for your project.

In addition to frost protection systems, we provide complete underfloor heating solutions for architects, contractors, M&E consultants, builders and developers working on a wide range of projects.

Our wet and electric underfloor heating systems are used in residential and commercial buildings across the UK and Europe.

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