Protect against the harsh winter that’s forecast!

The hot summer is a distant memory to the cold frosty mornings we’re experiencing now, and here in the the UK we’re bracing ourselves for what is said to be the coldest winter in 10 years amid a deluge of snow, according to the latest long-range predictions from weather forecasters.

There’s nothing worse than having to clear ice from the driveway and path, and iced up gutters and pipes during the cold winter months.  Furthermore our frost protection systems take the stress, feeling cold and physical exertion out of ice and snow clearing.

This year the “Beast from the East” sent our temperatures plummeting to an ice numbing -10°C and the forecast shows freezing temperatures returning in November and lasting through into the new year. Our systems are used throughout the world regularly protecting to temperatures of -30 deg Celsius.  We offer the comprehensive range of DEVIreg controllers that monitor the outdoor temperature and ensure the system is operating to optimum efficiency and performance.

Advantages of our products:

  • Safe driving areas
  • Safe working areas
  • Safe walking areas
  • Safety all around the clock – automatically
  • Saves time and energy in clearing snow and ice
  • Protects the environment from salt and chemicals
  • Protects concrete from the damaging effect of salt

We offer 3 services:

Most importantly don’t be caught out as the forecasters predict that this year we should expect potentially hazardous winter conditions from early on in the season. 

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