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"Silent disease" - the story of a journalist suffering from gambling addiction

"Silent disease" - the story of a journalist suffering from gambling addiction"Silent disease","life sentence without bars" are two clear definitions of gambling addiction given by the author of WalesOnline , David casino He learned from his own experience what it feels like when you are completely taken over by gambling addiction, and you sink to the limit. He published his story only in mid-March 2020, but events began to develop several years earlier. From a person with a healthy attitude to sports betting, he turned into a desperate gambling addict who wastes his time, money and health playing pokies. However, this story with a happy ending, at the time of publication, he managed to curb addiction and not play for 264 days. His main advice is not to be silent, not ashamed of your addiction and seek help. The beginning of addiction David says that he was always interested in sports and could occasionally make a small bet on a sporting event %s... Nothing crazy, just extra fun. The turning point for him was the moment when he became interested in the no deposit bonus. Having received the bonus, he decided to look for other entertainment from the operator, since he was not lucky with sports bets. As a result, he settled on pokies, which he knew nothing about. In a little less than 30 minutes, I won a large sum. This exhilarating rush of endorphin was like a needle in my veins, as powerful as any drug. Three days later I pulled off 500 pounds. And all %s... I'm hooked. Downhill road Many had to sink to the very bottom in their gambling slavery to realize the need for change. And this usually implies financial loss, as well as the loss or risk of losing loved ones and moral exhaustion. I took out loans, I opened credit cards and then spent the most, used the overdraft to the limit. I looked at credit as water in a tap. Turn on the tap, pour the water, put it in the sink. They were just numbers on the screen. They didn't seem real %s... Sometimes it may seem that a person is to blame himself and can stop at any moment, the main thing is to want. However, this is not so, the gambler falls into a stormy stream, where he is thrown and shaken and carried downstream against his will. David's attempts to stop took on an interesting character: By the fall, I was in trouble. The subject of an email I sent myself at 6.10 am on November 6, 2016 after losing all night highlighted how much it was getting out of hand. It just said"PLEASE STOP, I PLEASE YOU." It was the first of many emails I sent myself, hoping in vain that after getting some sleep, a new day would bring with it the ability to think casino Unfortunately, this rarely happened %s... From the very beginning, gambling was a way to escape reality. I tried to suppress the noise in my head, the stress and anxiety that I was experiencing. But in fact, all that gambling gave me in return was more stress, anxiety and depression. I hardly slept. The lack of sleep was excruciating. As I managed to close my eyes, the thought of opening them again filled me with dread. On this topic, the British government is accused of suicide of a gambling addict In that moment of blurred consciousness between sleep and wakefulness, those fleeting seconds of confusion when your thought process realizes the coming of a new day, my mood depended on what happened last night. This resulted in either paralyzing horror from the memory of how much I had lost or, on rare occasions, blissful relief that somehow I was able to refrain from playing %s... A sense of shame and a sense of hopelessness David dubbed gambling addiction a"silent disease" because people are ashamed of their actions, they are aware of their guilt, and therefore do not want others to know about it. He also talks about the hopelessness that punters feel, since they cannot cope with this disease on their own, and they cannot ask for help. I was afraid that it was all over for me. I felt that there was no way out. On my worst days, I felt like I couldn't handle it. Her grip was too strong to ever get out of it. Life sentence without bars. In moments like this, the darkest thoughts come %s... I can understand how people get suicidal. In the darkness around you, you see no way out. Intervention of loved ones In 2017, I finally told my wife. She was shocked, but knew that something was wrong and promised to help me. She paid off the debts and in return I promised that I would stop playing. I went to my doctor and he referred me to a practicing consultant. Then I was sent to an addiction clinic where I was given six free consultations. I loved the advice and it helped tremendously to combat anxiety. %s... For a while, they helped to stop playing. This period lasted six months from October 2017 to March 2018. Still in control of my bank account, I again spent the maximum available overdraft. Having broken, everything started anew. If I felt stressed or anxious, I again tried to cheer myself up with gambling. But then again, I just made my life worse. Everything turned into a vicious, ongoing cycle that I could not break. Useless blocking of sites At one point he turned on blocking through GamStop, and was very relieved to think that it was all over %s... But in the future, he simply began to register on those sites that were not blocked. Gamblers are cunning and cunning. We know all the tricks, every way to bypass blocking. As a result, after the wife was ready to leave, taking the child, he begged for one last chance. Provided that if at least one bet is made, it will be the end of the relationship. Financial control was taken from him. All his passwords were changed, so that he did not have access to money and even if he wanted to, he could not top up his account. And he called attending Gamblers meetings Anonymous

his road to getting rid of addiction.

... Where he learned to talk about his problem. Addiction is not to be ashamed of. Don't worry about being alone, please give yourself a chance to recover, to be the person you dream of becoming. The moment when I sank to the bottom was the worst and the best in my life. I will never be able to forget this pain and will never again allow it. Gambling addiction and suicide Studies in the UK have shown that between 4% and 11% of suicides are related to gambling, which is equal to 250-650 deaths a year. And the likelihood of committing suicide among gamblers is 3-4 times higher than among other addicts. These statistics are supported by the words of one of the authors of the Gambling Insider, who in the past was the operator of the support service for the gambling site %s... In one training session, my colleagues and I were asked to raise our hands if any of us had to deal with a suicidal punter over the phone. About 60% of the people in the room raised their hands.

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