Met Office Issues Amber Weather Warning

As the temperature drops it could feel like -10C to -15C in the wind this week here in the UK.

The Met Office issues UK weather warnings when conditions could put the country in danger.  And when there’s a potential to endanger lives or cause widespread disruption, warnings are given through the National Severe Weather Warning Service


Warnings are colour coded depending on the likely impact of predicted weather.  They are issued for rain, snow, wind, fog and ice.

Severe weather warnings are only issued in extreme circumstances where there could be a potential strain on emergency services, transport routes heavily affected and extensive damage to buildings and property.


An Amber warning has been issued here in the East which means we should be prepared for the conditions.  And you can never be anymore prepared for a temperature drop than with underfloor heating.  You can even choose a smart thermostat that you control from an app on your phone.   Making your home nice and warm whilst you’re on your way home from work, the gym or if you’re out shopping.

Our systems are designed to last as long as the building in which they are installed and that is without having to maintain them.

Other benefits are unlike radiators, our systems require much lower temperatures to heat a room due to the vast area they cover, meaning the heat is spread more effectively and the effect is comfort throughout the property.

Underfloor heating offers major cost savings when compared with more traditional systems.  An npower study reported a saving of between 10% – 15% could be achieved with an energy efficient underfloor heating system.


Electric Underfloor Heating

We provide a range of electric (dry) underfloor heating systems, including self-adhesive mats, heating cables and decoupling membrane to warm any room.

Wet Underfloor Heating

We supply wet (hydronic) underfloor heating systems from top brands for a wide range of projects.

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