Indoor Electric Floor Heating – The Facts

Electric Floor Heating is energy efficient and environmentally friendly and is a great choice if you want to reduce your CO₂ footprint and save energy.

To make it easier for you to decide on the right heating system for your home, we have prepared a list of facts about electric heating for indoor.

The temperature regulation of the room is independently controlled. It means that each location (or so-called “heating zone”) can be controlled separately, which enables rooms not in use to be switched off with less impact on the environment and cost savings.

Minimum floor height is added. It means that depending on your floor heating choice your floor construction total added height will vary from approx. 10 – 15mm.

There’s no need to worry about possible damages with electric heating (like leakages, etc.).

It’s noise and maintenance free, once installed you can forget about it – You will get a heating system that requires minimum attention.

It’s easier to design and quicker to installation than a wet system – the electric heating system consists of only two main components: a heating element and a thermostat requiring minimum of labour costs during the installation process.

The electric heating system is perfectly suited to any type of tasks (renovations, retro fit or new build). You can plan an electric heating system in your room or house at any time of the year.

No moving parts or maintenance requirements – your system is hidden inside the floor construction with only one visible element – a thermostat on the wall. You do not need a specific room or location in your home for the appliances (like manifolds, boilers, etc).

Get a quick result – the electric heating system achieves the required temperature quickly depending on the floor construction. With the quick responding system, your rooms will be heated only when in use providing an amazing saving option. 

With the integrated timer function in the thermostats, you can switch to “low cost electricity” for additional savings.

When a room is exposed to an additional heat source (e.g. the sun), the thermostats react and ensure that the temperature remains stable. With this feature, your indoor climate will improve and it will bring you additional savings. 

When calculated and mounted correctly, the electric floor heating system will heat the floor evenly. No alternative system where temperature depends on the distance from the heating element can ensure the same effect.

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Indoor Electric Floor Heating – The Facts

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