Gaia expand mental health initiatives to support employees

Gaia Underfloor Heating have boosted their mental health initiatives to promote and support staff wellbeing.

Initially taking up the project to increase awareness and remind employees of available resources, the underfloor heating specialists approached Mind charity for some additional support.

“Mind offers fantastic guidance and help for anyone with mental health problems. They are the ideal partner to provide us with extra knowledge and valuable resources for our staff” says Steven Rooney, Director of Gaia Underfloor Heating.

Mind is a charity which offers support across England and Wales by making mental health an everyday priority – through standing up to the injustices (in healthcare, work or law) which make life harder for people suffering with mental health problems.

In April 2022, Gaia signed the ‘Mental Health At Work’ commitment in association with Mind – an important milestone in their continued drive to support mental wellbeing across the business.

“The mental welfare of our staff is of utmost importance to us. We believe that happy employees make a happy workplace so we’re keen to offer all the support we can”, adds Steven.

Delighted with the support received from Mind, Gaia recently invited Jon Neal, CEO of Mind’s Suffolk branch ‘Suffolk Mind’, to their annual staff conference.

“Presenting our Mental Health Toolkit was a great opportunity to enable the Gaia team to look after themselves and each other better.  It’s good to work with employers like Gaia, who take mental health in the workplace seriously and want to make a difference”, says Jon.

To boost their mental health initiatives even further, Gaia’s employees have also taken part in additional training through People HR – implemented after the business signed the commitment with Mind.

As part of this new training programme, staff are required to complete various modules as part of their personal development and wellbeing.

“Facilitating additional training for all our employees is a great way to reinforce the resources available to them. By incorporating mental health awareness into their daily work life, we can ensure it is placed – and remains – high on everyone’s agenda”, concludes Steven.

Gaia are the UK’s most trusted underfloor heating specialists. With over 30 years’ experience, they design, supply and install wet and electric underfloor heating across the UK and Ireland.

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Gaia Mental Health Wellbeing

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