Choosing Gaia for large-scale residential developments

In recent years, underfloor heating has grown in popularity – particularly amongst developers constructing large-scale residential developments.

As well as lowering capital costs for developers, underfloor heating minimises maintenance and service costs for homeowners, on top of providing an energy-efficient, cost-effective warmth which helps reduce energy bills.

Here at Gaia, we deliver a complete service to support developers through their underfloor heating project – from initial enquiry through to installation and beyond.

In our latest blog, we’re exploring the process and benefits of choosing Gaia for underfloor heating in large-scale residential developments.

  1. Initial enquiry

When working with developers, our commitment to delivering excellent service starts with the initial enquiry.

The Gaia sales team have extensive experience working with developers and strive to respond to requests within one working day.

Our proactive and professional team are dedicated to providing prompt and expert advice. We understand that every project is unique, so we ensure our advice is tailored to your specific needs.

Following your enquiry, we’ll discuss your needs so we can find the very best solution for your project, timescale and budget. You’ll be assigned a dedicated account manager who will work closely with you throughout the project.

Our expert team will then deliver a comprehensive quotation with clear costs and milestones, ensuring transparency and clarity from the outset.

  • Site visits

Backed by over 30 years’ experience of working with developers on large-scale projects, we know that sometimes a site visit is required.

Understanding the intricacies of your project is crucial, so our contract managers are available for site visits to provide specialist evaluation when needed. These visits are designed to ensure that every aspect of your underfloor heating system is meticulously planned and executed to meet your specific needs.

With extensive knowledge and experience, our contract managers offer valuable insights and recommendations that can enhance the results of your project.

  • Design

Our design team is at the heart of our service, providing invaluable support from project planning through to completion – and devising the most suitable underfloor heating system for each project.

Whether the project is simple or complex, cost-effective or luxurious, we consider various factors, including property type, project size, insulation and energy sources like heat pumps or boilers, to ensure optimal performance.

As part of our design process, we provide detailed CAD drawings, pipe/mat layouts and heat loss calculations – adhering to British Standards EN 1264 for wet systems.

Plus, we understand plans can change, so our flexible design team are always on-hand to help if alterations are required during the project.

This meticulous attention to detail ensures that the heating systems we deliver for developers are both efficient and effective.

  • Supply

For large-scale residential developments, selecting the right system is crucial.

We offer a comprehensive range of wet and electric underfloor heating systems, as well as frost protection and ice and snow melting systems.

We are proud suppliers of top brands including Polypipe, Emmeti and Omnie, as well as our own Gaia systems.

Also, as the only DEVI Project Solution Partner in the UK and Ireland, we offer exclusive design, supply and installation services for DEVI underfloor heating solutions.

Our extensive offering ensures we can meet the diverse needs of any residential development. We can also guarantee quick shipment from our warehouse, ensuring on-time delivery to any UK location.

  • Installation

Whether it’s for the developers or the eventual homeowners, efficient and accurate installation is key for new residential developments.

Our in-house installation team bring over 30 years of experience to the table, ensuring that both wet and electric underfloor heating systems are installed to the highest standards.

And, our installers are not only very highly skilled, but also committed to delivering excellence in every project.

In fact, we have received numerous testimonials from satisfied clients, highlighting our team’s professionalism and efficiency.

For example, a project manager from a recent project praised our team, saying:

“Gaia are a very efficient supplier and installation team. They worked in line with the programme dates and completed all works in a very professional manner.”

  • After-sales service

Our relationship with our clients doesn’t end with the completion of the installation. In fact, we have built lasting relationships with a number of residential developers.

We continue to provide close support, expert advice and industry-leading product warranties long after the project is finished.

Being here for you from start to finish and beyond ensures the underfloor heating systems we deliver continue to perform optimally for years to come.

How we’ve helped developers

Just a few examples of the projects we’ve worked on include:

Taylor Wimpey

We designed, supplied and installed underfloor heating for the ground floors of 257 houses on Taylor Wimpey’s new residential development in Barham, Suffolk.

We delivered wet underfloor heating systems to be used alongside air source heat pumps in the new homes, providing a comfortable and cost-effective heating solution.

Telford Homes

We provided the complete design, installation and commissioning of wet underfloor heating systems throughout 374 apartments in Telford Homes’ ‘The Perfume Factory’ redevelopment.

Our expert team fitted flexible underfloor heating pipes into screeded floor, providing a system which effectively warms the whole floor from the ground up.

Get complete underfloor heating solutions with Gaia

Here at Gaia, we have unrivalled experience working with developers, architects, contractors, M&E consultants and builders.

Whatever the scale of the project – residential or commercial – we have a trusted reputation for designing, supplying and installing outstanding underfloor heating.

For more information, get in touch today.

Choosing Gaia for large-scale residential developments

Electric Underfloor Heating

We provide a range of electric (dry) underfloor heating systems, including self-adhesive mats, heating cables and decoupling membrane to warm any room.

Wet Underfloor Heating

We supply wet (hydronic) underfloor heating systems from top brands for a wide range of projects.

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