A Guide To Planning A Renovation Project

If you’re taking on a renovation project you need to be prepared.  The design can be tailored to your requirements and can often be cheaper than building from scratch.

A detailed plan is essential, here we guide you through the steps you need to take to stay on track with your project.

Step 1

Find and assess your project – Attend auctions, it’s important to gain a structural assessment of the property, find an expert to conduct a measured survey.


Step 2

Set your budget – make sure you are aware of all fees relating to the purchase of the property, building work, taxes due, valuation fees and council tax.

Step 3

The Design stage – where do you start?  Distinguish the best and worst features.  Best could be a large window overlooking the garden, the worst may be a small lean to that you do not require.  If you are planning an extension or major remodelling work a designer can add so much value.  They may propose design ideas you had not considered that will add value to the project and enhance the aesthetics of the property.


Take your time, do not rush this stage.  Always consider, natural light and use of space.

Step 4

Consent – Do you require it for your size and specification of project?  Make yourself aware of all regulations and consents required for your project.  Is it a listed building?  Do you need building regulations?  If you have appointed an architect they can guide your through this process.

Step 5

Preparing the site – The site must be safe, secure and clear for work to begin.  Health and Safety is the responsibility of the building owner, if you are managing the project yourself, arrange all risk cover, including public and employers’ liability insurance’.  During this stage there’s an opportunity to salvage any valuable materials and features from the property, either reuse or sell online.  You may even unearth a hidden treasure, a covered-up fire place or parquet flooring that can be restored.


Step 6

The renovation work begins –  you can now start the renovation, whether it’s major building works, an extension or external changes.  You need a dry building, making the property weather tight will enable all subsequent stages to start on time.  Work with your builder, project manager if you have one, architect and or designer and be as hands on as needed.  Making sure at each stage that the project is being completed to your satisfaction.

Step 7

Internal work – this stage is vital for laying down the cabling, putting up stud walls, drainage and power points.  If you’ve considered it, this is when the underfloor heating is installed, whether you’ve chosen an electric or wet system make sure its protected before the final floor covering is laid over.

Step 8

Finishing touches – the walls have been plastered, the sanitaryware and kitchen has been installed now to finish off.  This is when you put your mark on the property if it’s going to be your home, colours, features and the atmosphere can be created.  Whether you’re looking for a contemporary finish, traditional or modern the decorating begins here.  Try to stay clear of passing trends, choose a style that has longevity.  If you’re not making this your home, choose a neutral palette that allows the new owners to put their touch and style into the property.


If you’re working on a project and you’re considering Underfloor Heating, contact our dedicated inhouse team of account managers who will develop a bespoke, detailed quotation for you. 

Your quote will recommend floor construction(s), advise on the most suitable system for you, whether it’s a refurbishment, new build project, tiles or timber flooring; providing a professional service from initial planning stage through to the project completion.


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We provide a range of electric (dry) underfloor heating systems, including self-adhesive mats, heating cables and decoupling membrane to warm any room.

Wet Underfloor Heating

We supply wet (hydronic) underfloor heating systems from top brands for a wide range of projects.

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