5 myths about underfloor heating – debunked!

Known for its energy efficiency and luxurious feel, underfloor heating has become a staple for many new build homes – and is quickly rising in popularity for renovations and commercial projects too.

However, there are still a number of misconceptions about underfloor heating – such as concerns about cost, disruption and suitability – which unnecessarily discourage some people from reaping its many benefits.

So, as leading underfloor heating specialists, here at Gaia we’re debunking the five most common myths about underfloor heating.

Myth 1: Underfloor heating is very costly

One of the greatest misconceptions about underfloor heating is that it is an exceptionally expensive heating system. However, it is much more cost-effective than some may believe.

A traditional radiator system runs at around 70°C, but underfloor heating only needs to be heated to around 35°C. This lower input temperature uses less energy for the same – if not better – results, meaning underfloor heating can help to keep heating bills low.

Plus, traditional boilers are known for inconvenient breakdowns, whereas underfloor heating is considerably more reliable and durable. It requires less maintenance, therefore keeping running costs low and making it well worth the installation cost in the long-run.

Importantly, the cost to install and run underfloor heating will depend on the type and size of the system. There is likely to be a suitable solution for most projects and budgets.

Myth 2: Underfloor heating isn’t suitable for all projects

One of the biggest benefits of underfloor heating is actually its versatility!

While some people believe underfloor heating is only suited to new-build homes, it is in fact a popular choice for a wide range of projects, including residential renovations and commercial builds.

It is worth noting that some systems are better suited for certain types and sizes of projects. For example, electric underfloor heating is well-paired with a renovation project while a wet system would be ideal for a new-build.

Also, wet underfloor heating is more suited to a large, open space, whereas electric underfloor heating – specifically individual heating cables – can be effective for small, irregular-shaped rooms with obstacles, like a bathroom.

Crucially though, no matter the project, there is likely to be a system which is suitable. Here at Gaia, we have an expert team who can advise on the best product for your project.

Myth 3: Underfloor heating can’t replace radiators

Contrary to popular belief, underfloor heating can be a suitable alternative to radiators for many rooms.

Some people falsely believe that underfloor heating doesn’t produce enough heat – or heat up quickly enough – to be as effective as radiators. Simply put, this is not true.

Underfloor heating works on the principle that heat rises. Heating elements which are evenly distributed beneath a floor can therefore effectively warm a whole room. This is actually more effective than traditional radiators which only heat the air closest to them.

Plus, underfloor heating – specifically electric systems – are very quick to heat up because of their lower input temperature. It creates a cosy living environment which is even easier to control than radiators.

And, as an added bonus, underfloor heating makes a better design choice than radiators which can be bulky and intrusive. So, with a heating system conveniently placed beneath the floor, more space is available for design freedom.

Myth 4: Underfloor heating is difficult to install

With a talented and experienced team – like our expert Gaia installers – fitting underfloor heating is simple.

Electric underfloor heating is notably easy to install with little disruption, especially heating mats which can be quickly rolled out with minimal impact on floor height.

Whilst wet underfloor heating can be more complex to install due to its connection to a water supply and the need for floor build-up, it can be factored into a new-build construction or retrofitted as part of a renovation with minimal disruption.

Plus, our Gaia team is highly skilled in the tools and techniques needed, making installation of both wet and dry underfloor heating an easy process.

Myth 5: Underfloor heating doesn’t work with carpets

Whether or not underfloor heating works with carpets is a very common question!

Some people assume underfloor heating only works with hard flooring as the warmth produced cannot be felt through carpet. However, this is not 100% correct.

Pairing underfloor heating with hard flooring – like tiles or laminate – will reap the most benefits, but underfloor heating can work well with carpet too.

The temperature of the underfloor heating system will likely need to be set just a little bit higher than with other flooring types, but the same warm and cosy environment can be achieved, especially with thinner carpets.

However, avoiding large rugs or high-tog, heavy carpets – which provide excess insulation and reduce the amount of heat which can get through – is recommended.

Our experienced support team is able to advise on the suitability of underfloor heating for any flooring type.

How Gaia can help with your underfloor heating needs?

Here at Gaia, we’re specialists in the design, supply and installation of both wet and dry underfloor heating systems.

We work with architects, contractors, M&E consultants, builders and developers across the UK and Ireland, delivering the highest quality products and exceptional support.

With over 30 years’ experience, our expert team can advise the most suitable system for your project, whether it’s for a residential new-build, a commercial renovation or anything in between.

Get in touch today to find out more. 

5 myths about underfloor heating – debunked!

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